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A Lot Can Happen in Five Years

You might be wondering why we have not updated this blog over the last five years. I wish I could tell you something exciting, like Ashley got a liver transplant, or our computer got stolen and we just got it back. But unfortunately, the only story I got for ya is life got in the way...and I totally forgot the log in information for this blog.  It took me forever to find it, using other means I was finally able to log in again. With that said, now I can update ya'll on what has happened since my last post in February 2013. I don't want to bore you, so I will keep it short by just highlighting each year since the last post. Here it goes...

2013 - was a not so good year for our family, loosing our family dog, Ashley liver disease keeping us on our toes. However, despite the sadness, Ashley continued to dance for her High School dance team, the Seminole Dazzlers, and Brad continued playing baseball for Seminole High as well. Brad also started dating a beautifu…
Recent posts

It's been a while. Did you know...

that Ashley was in the hospital  after Thanksgiving and before Christmas?  She had a bleed. She has varices.  Just a little reminder that she is not healthy and has a life threatening liver disease.

that we lost our beloved beautiful puppy, Sarge, on January 2.  It was sudden, shocking, and sad.  We think he had leukemia based on his symptoms.  Not sure if we will ever get another dog.  Sarge was one of a kind and a perfect fit for our laid back, drama free family.

that Ashley made the Principal's Honor Roll her 1st Semester of high school while taking all honors courses.  She is beautiful and smart.

that Ashley is still dancing for her high school dance team minus a solo this year. She loves being part of the team but really misses competing in her favorite style of dance, lyrical/contemporary.

that after a couple years of not having a dance studio to call home.  We think we may have finally found just the place.  Maybe someday Ashley will compete on a stage again and not a gym f…

Things are not always what the seem

My life has been absolutely crazy lately with the start of school, Ashley's after school dance practices and performances and now Brad's Fall baseball practice and games  I so apologize for not giving my readers an update on the goings on with Ashley.  For the most part Ashley is doing fantastically well despite her liver disease and in spite of her liver disease.  I can't remember if I posted about her last visit to Shands so I apologize in advance if this is a repeat.

As you know Ashley's platelet count has been dropping, well then it will be no surprise to you to learn that her platelet count is still low and even lower than her last report.  What will be surprising is that her liver functions seem to be elevating evermore slightly with each lab draw.  We aren't sure why. Which is pretty funny.  Of course we know why...the kid has liver disease. Really.  Anyway. Ashley liver doctor was having knee surgery during our visit to Shands and when her lab results came …

Become a Sponsor

Now that Ashley is on the high school dance team she is required to get a minimum of $175 in sponsorship money. Below is the Sponsorship letter explaining more.   Our first $175 in Sponsorship money is due by May 30.  Please consider sponsoring Ashley. 

DO NOT USE PAYPAL TO DONATE.  Please write the check out to SHS Dazzlers, and put Ashley Johansen in the memo section of the check. Make sure you include a return address so that we can send a "Giving Receipt." Thank you.

If you have any questions, please email

Dear Sponsor,

As you know Ashley made the 2012/2013 Dazzler Dance Team of Seminole High School.  The Dazzlers are a five time UDA National High Kick Champion as well as a two time MA National Champions for both JV and Varsity.  And just this past season they won the FDTDA State Championships in both JV and Varsity in ALL dance divisions.  This is their ninth consecutive year winning that title. 

Every year, the Dazzlers proudly perform at the Semino…

Some Things

NO SURGERY.  Yes, you got it Brad does not need surgery on his elbow. The MRI results showed no tears, breaks, injury at all.  We are so happy about this especially since this surgery would have cost us $6,000 out of pocket.  Brad needs rehab to build strength.  He is working on pitching exercises provided by a sports trainer.  Currently, Brad is not playing baseball although he been asked to play with several travel ball teams.  We are looking at the possibility of hiring a pitching coach.  I know Brad is happy that he now has a good chance to get on the varsity baseball team next spring since he has no injury.

I have been sick off and on for the last few weeks which is the reason for the lack of updates.  We have plenty of reasons to update.  Like, Ashley quit dance.  Not really. But kind of. 

Ashley finished her last year competing in dance a couple Sunday's ago.  As stated before, this year in dance has not been what we hoped for.  Ashley has not been happy. Exce…

Update on Brad

Brad went to Jewet Orthopedic yesterday, the good news is he has no broken bones in his elbow. We are waiting for approval from our insurance company for an MRI. Once that is done we should have a better idea if  he has UCL tear in his elbow and if he will need "Tommy John" surgery.  Brad only has about three weeks free on his calendar for surgery.  If surgery is needed Brad wants to have it done ASAP.  However, with FCAT (Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test), AP exams and End-of-Course exams, scheduling this surgery may be difficult.  Plus he is scheduled to take the ACT test just after the last day of school which is May 31. This should be fun...Not.

Pop Goes the....

Pop Goes the Weasel Elbow. 

When you are a dancer your most feared injury might be a broken or sprained ankle.  But when you are a baseball player especially a pitcher,  your most feared injury is that of the elbow.  We are experiencing that fear now.  Brad's elbow popped during baseball practice yesterday. He was accessed by the high school's athletic trainer and he suspects that Brad may have a torn UCL (Ulnar Colleteral Ligament). Right now he is at Jewet Orthopedic being evaluated. If the tear is severe he will need surgery, which means he will not be playing baseball for 9 months to a year.  And it also means he will be going through intense physical therapy.

Oh boy, more medical bills (said with all the sarcasm I can muster).

Brad is handling all of this well.  We are looking at the positive side of things.  We are blessed that this injury occured with only two games left in the baseball season.  He is lucky that there is only 6 weeks left in school, if he needs surgery…